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MAP:ECVET (2007-2009)


Period: From December 2007 to December 2009


In relations between states, the problem exists today that there are at present hardly any opportunities for reciprocal recognition and acknowledgement of training content and qualifications within the occupational group of medical assistants in Europe. Apart from isolated bilateral agreements between individual European countries, those who belong to this occupational group have no opportunity at present of practising their vocation in another European country and of acquiring the relevant authorisation to work, and this reduces the mobility of labour to a minimum.


Aim of the project

Ø        Availability of a comparative framework for crediting and transparency in partner countries

Ø        For the first time, diagnostic, therapeutic and care assistance professions become comparable; mutual recognition and crediting in this sector will be possible; labour market disparities within the partner countries can be levelled.

Ø        For the first time, educational organisations will have a model of comparison and transparency with exact use and process descriptions, competence matrix and ECVET Certificate; they can adjust and implement their vocational educational programs according to ECVET.

Ø        The developed ECVET model can be transferred to other sectors and educational focuses or content without major problems; educational institutions may generally adjust their educational programs according to ECVET; they will have a European-wide agreed transparency framework and a performance point system with a wide scope of usage.

Target group

1.       first of all: members medical assistance professions

2.       Education and training facilities for MAPs

3.       Employers for MAPs

4.       Employees facilties

5.        (political) decision maker




Ø        DMTF Verband - Austrian Association of Certified Medical-Technical  Specialist Staff

Ø        Austrian Medical Association

Ø        Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, Division Health Professions

Ø        Austrian Institute for research on vocational education and training

Ø        Training Centre West for Health Professions

Ø        Schaffler Publishing

Ø        Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth

ESTONIA: Siksali Development Centre

HUNGARY: Institute for Basic and Continuing Education of Health Workers

ITALY: Ancona University Hospital

NETHERLANDS: King William I College

ROMANIA: Soros Educational Center Foundation


Contact information

Petra Herz, DMTF MAS

Tel: 0664/8226144, petra.herz@dmtf.at

Mag. Robert Herz

Tel: 0644/8539407, robert.herz@centrum-cordis.at


Erasmus + materials, Siksali Development Centre
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