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AGRONATUR (2007-2009)

The AGRONATUR project is a Leonardo da Vinci project for the transfer of innovation, developed within the Lifelong Learning Programme. It previews the transference of the results of previous projects, namely In Nature and Active Tourism that were developed as Pilot-Projects, under the Leonardo da Vinci Program.


Disseminating results

Ø        IN-NATURE, Nature and Rural Realm Interpreter: an innovative training (www.irmasl.com/innature/), and

Ø        ACTIVE TOURISM: A New Professional Profile (www.activetourism.info).

The solutions presented by each one of these projects, represent innovative solutions in order to support the improvement of the vocational and professional capacities, to create employment in the rural realm, being based upon new emergent job opportunities.


The target groups

The target group is the rural population, especially: unemployed women, young population unemployed after a compulsory school, adults that abandon agriculture or in process of abandoning it, people that somehow have physical deficiency or incapacity. The tourism sector and leisure organizations, agriculture, restaurants, environment, social services, vocational training (training centers and enterprises), Local Action Groups, trainers and public entities, are also considered beneficiaries.

Project goals

We can resume the main goals of this project as:

Ø    Strengthen the cooperation between different countries and institutions;

Ø    Improve the quality of the European professional training systems, adapting and

    integrating the innovating results and contents of former projects;

Ø   Transfer these contents for the new social, economic and languages realities;

Ø    Foment the equal opportunities of training;

Ø    Adapt the innovating solutions to other sectors and/or potential beneficiaries;

Ø    Contribute for the sustainable rural development;

Ø    Involve the entities and the social local, regional and national actors.



The main expected results are the Training Manual, the Pilot-Course, a Web page, the Transnational seminars, the Collaboration/adhesion agreements and a Project Brochure.


The partnership

The partnership is constituted by 7 entities from 5 countries:

Ø  Project promoter: ADRAT, Development Association of Alto Tâmega’s Region (Portugal)

Ø  E.N.T.E.R. . European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results (Austria)

Ø  MTÜ Siksali Arendusselts (Estonia)

Ø  ADESPER, Association for Sustainable Development and Promotion of Rural

   Employment (Spain)

Ø  Diputación de Palencia (Spain)

Ø  ADRAL, Regional Development Agency of Alentejo SA (Portugal)

Ø CEFIDEC, Training and innovation Center for development in the Carpathians (Romania)

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