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The project will enable unemployed people to identify, review and self-assess their competence, skills, knowledge and make a career within the tourism industry. It will establish quality assurance indicators for those already employed in the tourism sector so that they can review and evaluate their skills, aptitudes and abilities. Additionally it will provide support to tourism business owners and HR managers as well as trainers who deal with recruiting personnel and on-job career development.


Period:  October 2006 to September 2008


Project aims

Ø   To design a tool for self-vocational guidance based on Lifelong Learning principles

Ø   To develop and carry out training for trainers and counsellors in the field of tourism

Ø   To provide quality indicators in tourism sectors´ job positions by developing job

     profiles in this sector

Ø   To pilot the quality assessment procedures (self-guidance tool and trainers training

      and elaborate quality indicators.

Ø   To raise qualification and motivation of already employed within the tourism industry

Ø   To design strategies, programmes and materials to be transferable to other target

      groups after the end of the project

Ø   To link to SMEs in order to explore the project products and outcomes.


Target groups:

Ø    Unemployed people who wish to find a professional realisation in the tourism sector

Ø    Already employed people, who wish to obtain additional professional knowledge and


Ø    Trainers with interests in the field of tourism

Ø    Training and vocational guidance organisations



Ø       Need analysis report, available on paper and online

Ø       The main outputs are 2 handbooks both in paper and web-format and CD-s:

o       The 1st handbook is designed as a self-assessment guide of career management skills which will identify the quantity and quality standards of skills, job profiles, competences and knowledge about those whishing to find or retain a career in the tourism industry.

o       The second handbook is designed to meet the needs of HR managers, tourism companies owners (managers) and vocational trainers. It will also provide on-job career development opportunities


The Project coordinator was Sofia University from Bulgaria

The partner organizations were:

Ø       BULCONT (Bulgaria)

Ø       ZGURA-M (Bulgaria)

Ø       @THLAS (Belgium)



Contact information

E-mail: sn_ilieva@abv.bg

Project homepage: http://www.managemyskills.eu 

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