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Welcome to Siksali—on the edge of naturally beautiful Haanja Nature Park! Siksali, an old wooden schoolhouse built in 1910, has undergone thorough renovation during recent years. As much as possible has been preserved and restored, old and nature-friendly materials have been used during renovation. A former classroom on the ground floor has been preserved in its initial size and offers insight into school-life some hundred years ago. Groups are welcome to have training sessions and meetings!


To enjoy and relax in the outdoors, we offer:

- a wooden pavilion (100 m², tables and benches for 50)

- a cosy tippee/wigwam (fits 10 to sit around the table)

- grilling area ( a grill, big gas-heated wok-pan) and 

  places for making campfire

- children’s play area (covered sandbox, swing, ladder,

  etc) and lots of free space to run around

- playgrounds for playing different ball games

- smoke sauna

- camping (staying in a tent or in the tippee)

- bicycle rental, trails in the neighbourhood

- guided nature hikes, survival courses

- good access, parking area for cars and buses


Location: 18 km from Võru (14 km blacktop asphalt along Võru-Luhamaa road, 4 km gravel)


Contact information

Kaidi-Mari and Aigar Liping

E-mail: kaidimari@siksali.ee

GSM:  + 372 55 655 172





Price list 2011 (.xls | 44.5kb)

Erasmus + materials, Siksali Development Centre
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