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Siksali Development Centre is a non-profit organisation in South-Eastern Estonia. The Centre was established in 2002. The Centre was established, in order to help local people to find new ideas for alternative economic activities, so that they would not give up hope. The situation in the villages is not very promising - young people are leaving to towns, a lot of men have a drinking problem etc. The Centre wants to encourage village inhabitants into taking initiative and at least trying to find something to do.

We have completed several local, regional, as well as international projects. Our first international co-operation project was on local development issues - "Development of Local Administration and Democracy in Voki Village" with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Within the one year project different seminars and trainings were carried out for village people and the final result was composing a draft of local village development plan. SDC was lead partner and project manager.

We are interested in and working with the following topics:

  • rural tourism & other alternative economic activities development in a small community
  • involving local people in development issues
  • rural development, development issues in a small local  community
  • local heritage, culture and history
  • preserving old architecture and buildings
  • preserving local environment, environmental awareness raising etc
  • sharing experiences with other countries about community development and training of local inhabitants
  • informal / adult training

Siksali Development Centre got it's name from Siksali Elementary School, which used to be a village centre from 1910-1975 (through times of Czarist Russia, Estonian Republic and Soviet Estonia), as a schoolhouse worked there. The school was standing totally empty for over 10 years and the wooden building was in very bad shape. Development Centre has been working with renovation of the house for more than five years and as a result the big classroom has been turned into a training room once again - where trainings and meetings for local people as well as others can be carried out. We’re also in the process of making an exhibition of school life in the 20th century in the classroom.


Kaidi-Mari Liping, the manager of Siksali Development Centre has had 6 years working experience with Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation (ERTO) – being responsible for co-operation projects and foreign relations (writing project applications and managing projects in rural tourism). K-M is also subcontracted by Enterprise Estonia as an expert to evaluate projects applying grants from Tourism Product Development programme, regional programmes as well as Latvia-Estonia co-operation programme. She is also subcontracted by Leonardo da Vinci National Agency as an expert evaluating Leonardo da Vinci mobility and pilot projects. K-M Liping and her husband Aigar Liping, working also for SDC, is already involved for many years in providing hiking trips in the nature and has the certificates of being an active tourism and nature tourism trainer.


Contact Information

Kaidi-Mari Liping

Manager, Siksali Development Centre

Jüri 32 a Võru, ESTONIA

kaidimari@siksali.ee, Website: www.siksali.ee

gsm + 372 55 655 172, tel/fax + 372 78 21 266

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